We Have Vacation Properties to Donate to Your Charity! 

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How will your organization benefit from a donation of vacation property?

At MyCharityTrip.org, our mission is to assist your organization with fund and friend raising with our catalog of donated and consignment resort vacation properties. We coordinate with vacation property owners who would like to donate their vacations to charity.  MyCharityTrip facilitates the donation on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the recipient of their gift is a 501 (c) 3 organization in good standing, and that the gift is a good fit for the organization.

Just as importantly, we work on your behalf to help you select the best donation for your organization. Our fundraising specialists will help match your needs to the perfect donation.

We are happy to discuss your donor base, events, fundraising platforms, etc… to help you get the most from the gift. Once you receive a donation, you make the best use of it according to your particular situation. You can auction the vacation property at an event, use it year-after-year in your fundraisers, award a vacation to a volunteer, give a week to a valued board member or employee, use it for respite for a caregiver…. The options are unlimited!

Talk to a Donation Coordinator Today… Call or email MyCharityTrip at

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Vacation Properties for Donation

We have a limited number of interval vacation resort properties available for donation to your organization. Once the donation process/transfer is complete, these vacation resorts may be used any way you choose – put them up in auctions every year, offer it for sale to your supporters, use it for a board/staff retreat! We also have a growing number of vacation weeks available for donation. Weeks are arranged through individual vacation property homeowners and resorts.
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